Do It Yourself Legal Forms

Prepare Your Own Living Trust Forms 2020 – 2021

Living Trust FormsYou can prepare living trust forms to protect all your assets. In your life situation you have a lot of assets and you realize you need to protect these assets to avoid problems with claims and creditors. You want to keep a greater control over your assets and have your beneficiaries carry on with your assets after you pass away to avoid probate. You can solve most of these problems by creating a living trust with professionally made living trust forms you can prepare yourself.

Rental Lease Agreement Forms 2020 – 2021

Living Trust FormsBeing in the business of renting or leasing valuable property, you must have a rental lease agreement form to guarantee the protection and the investment in your property. When renting or leasing out any valuable property, you will want to prepare a rental lease agreement form to clearly define the expectations and terms of your agreement in writing.

Prepare Your Own Land Contract Form 2020 – 2021

Land Contract FormsYou want to sell a piece of property with a land contract form because you want to avoid the extra expense and paperwork of going through a bank, realtor or mortgage broker. By creating a seller financed land contract form, you eliminate the bank because you as the seller and with the buyer create a land contract form directly between each of you. A land contract is also called a contract for deed. The seller sells the property over time to the buyer collecting interest on the sale amount throughout the life of the transaction.

Do It Yourself Home Sale Forms

You can sell your home by preparing home sale forms yourself and save thousands in real estate broker commissions.

There are several variables you will want as a homeowner when you try to sell your home: the highest possible price, the selling of your home within the time frame you need and saving as much money as possible on the transaction.

When selling your home, you will need to set aside any emotional attachment from reminiscing about all the good times you have spent in the home as this can prevent you from making rational decisions.

Prepare A Promissory Note To Clearly Define A Payment Schedule And Avoid Future Disputes

Promissory note forms are prepared to specify the terms used to lend and borrow money between two parties. The borrower signs a contract that makes the borrower liable to the lender for money borrowed.

Promissory notes should always be prepared between a borrower and a lender to avoid future misunderstandings concerning payment schedule, if there is any interest and to clearly state the money is a loan and not a gift.

It does not matter if either party is a friend, relative or co-worker.

Prepare Your Own Personal Bankruptcy Forms

Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy legal forms will result in most of your unsecured debt (mainly credit cards) being discharged while being allowed to keep a reasonable amount of property determined by the laws of your state. When you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, you immediately stop all actions against you by creditors. The main purpose for filing chapter 7 bankruptcy forms is to discharge certain debts to give an honest individual a chance to start over.

Filing chapter 13 bankruptcy legal forms offers individuals with regular income a means to repay their debts over time, either in full or in part.

Do It Yourself Premarital Agreement(Prenuptial) Legal Forms

If you plan on getting married and you have any significant of money or assets, you should protect those assets for yourself and your heirs by creating a Premarital Agreement in case your marriage ends in divorce.

While creating a Premarital Agreement can be uncomfortable, it should be done because you can predict what will happen to the marriage in the future. You will regret not preparing a Premarital Agreement if the marriage ends in divorce and you end up losing a lot of everything you obtained before the marriage. Do not let love cloud your judgement to where you could greatly regret it later.

Save Money And Prepare Your Own Separation Agreement Legal Forms

Preparing separation agreement forms will protect your financial well-being and possessions if you and your spouse decide to separate from your marriage. You both have decided that time is needed to contemplate whether problems in the marriage are minor enough to continue with the marriage or problems are damaging enough to eventually get divorced.

Separation is a stressful time for individuals and families. When and if you separate, you and your spouse will make some immediate decisions concerning your children and your assets that should be put in writing instead of relying on verbal understandings.

Prepare Your Own Divorce Legal Forms

Preparing your own divorce legal forms can prevent the prolonged suffering that occurs in a lengthly divorce process and save you a lot of money.

If you are currently facing a divorce, you are probably wondering what to expect from the divorce process. Nobody marries with the expectation of having to later go through a divorce. Married couples never contemplate that the person they once intimately knew could later seem to be a stranger but statistics show nearly half of all marriages today end in divorce.