Do It Yourself Legal Forms


Form An LLC Ownership Agreement 2020 – 2021

llc ownership agreementWhen you start a small business, you need protection from business risks that may occur in the future that could threaten your personal assets. An LLC ownership agreement will give you the protection you need as it offers owners limited personal liability for the debts and actions of the LLC. Your personal assets are insulated from business risks unless you cause personal injury upon someone or engage in an illegal or fraudulent activity.

Prepare A Partnership Agreement Small Business Form 2020 -2021

Quit Claim FormFor your business, you and your business colleagues have decided a partnership is how you want to organize. All you need is the necessary paperwork to file and create your venture with a partnership agreement small business form.

If you have decided a partnership is the best choice for your business structure. A partnership consists of two or more people signing a partnership agreement form to share in the profits and the ownership of a business.

How To Start A Corporation 2020 – 2021

How To Start A CorporationIf you are looking for tax flexibility, limited liability, and the option to raise capital, learning how to start a corporation may be the best path for you. To become a corporation, you file the appropriate paperwork with state governing agency

Preparing the proper paperwork on how to start a corporation will save you a lot of money in lawyer fees if you decide your business structure will be a corporation.

Protect Your Business By Preparing Employee Manual Templates 2020 – 2021

Employee Manual TemplatesYou have your own business and you have hired employees to help run your business. How are you going to make sure they do what they are supposed to do to make your business successful. Prepare employee manual templates to set guidelines your staff will follow to make your business successful and lead your business to it’s intended goal.